Double Kity… And it’s Final Table Time!

Kity’s QQ doubled up through a donation from Aliaksandar who held Q10.

Ben’s stack is starting to look a little short as he, Nils, Mikko and Zoltan look to avoid being eaten up by the blinds.


Ooh!! All-in action! Kovacs shoved short and Aliaksandar snapped him off. We had to wait for the conclusion of the hand on table 1 before the cards were revealed. Kovacs did not look happy with the call and he was right not to. 88 vs. JJ

No improvement on the board and we’re down to the final 9 players!

We’re going to give this live streaming video thing a bash now. So when the players get back from dinner they’ll be at the final TV table.  I might be contributing to the commentary on occasion so be sure to tune in to that. I’ll post a link to the stream on the home page and in a blog update  shortly.